Controlling the Intelligent Edge

The game is changing on network management

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Your workspace is becoming increasingly mobile-first and there’s an influx of IoT devices connecting with your network – whether you know it or not. It’s the rise of the Intelligent Edge and a host of new network and security challenges now confront your IT team.

Unusual new devices are arriving on the network to support individual workstyles – many of which will not even be company owned. Deciding how to manage access and control network permissions is key. Likewise, as IoT has emerged, much attention has been given to securing wireless connectivity to improve protection. However, with many of these new devices establishing connections through wired networks, it’s vitally important that physical access points are not inadvertently overlooked.

Better-connected computing

Aruba help you better secure everything at your network edge; whether that’s mobile or IoT devices, enabling users and things to function at their best without ever compromising your data.

Using expertly engineered infrastructure and ground-breaking software innovation, your network will be more secure than ever without becoming a burden for internal IT.

Intelligent infrastructure

The latest Aruba access point and switch technology is designed with the Intelligent Edge in mind. Clever hardware creates an IoT-ready infrastructure with support for role-based profiling and compatibility with Aruba’s ClearPass policy management platform.

Enhanced policy management

With Aruba ClearPass Policy Control, you’ll benefit from greater visibility of the devices accessing your network through wired and wireless connections. You’ll be able to identify unknown devices and moderate their access in real-time, all using automated policy enforcement.

Security through collaboration

Aruba technology is built on open APIs which means your network is ready to work with the other investments you’ve already made ensuring a joined-up network and security posture.

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