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Experience the power of Cisco Meraki for yourself

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When it comes to selecting your network technology, Meraki and Highlander are here to help you make the right choice.

There’s no longer a need to leave important decisions to chance. With See/Try/Buy, you can put potential solutions to the test before any commitment, so you can check out new features and capabilities within the confines of your unique environment

See – identify what you need

Whether you’re looking to refresh your existing switches and firewall, or trial new capabilities in areas such as IoT, Meraki has the answer. Every aspect of their extensive portfolio is ready and available for trial, and our expert team will help you identify the best fit for your needs.

Try – put the tech to the test

Once you’ve selected your Meraki products, it’s time to put cloud-based networking through its paces.

We’ll help you with the technical setup of whatever you choose, whether it’s a handful of access points, intuitive Meraki software, or innovative endpoints such as cameras or sensors. Once installed, you’re free to use this technology however you see fit throughout the 14-day trial period.

Buy – make an informed choice

If you like what you’ve seen then you can buy the technology already installed within your network, with the option to purchase through a 0% finance package. You can even add and extend as part of a wider role out if required.

Equally, you have the freedom to end the trial at any time and return the technology if it isn’t right for you.

Why choose cloud-based network from Meraki?

Every aspect of the Meraki portfolio is built with simplicity at its core. Cloud-based networking opens up exciting new possibilities, with a level of visibility, centralised management, and automation that’s unachievable with traditional solutions.

Even better, to get started just unbox your hardware, plug-in and you’re away. Auto-discovery and wizard configuration through the cloud will have you operational in minutes.

To learn more about the See/Try/Buy offer and the full Meraki range, book a discovery session with our expert team. To do so, simply fill out the form below.

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