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Just as quickly as businesses were forced into adopting remote working, many are now exploring long-term changes as their users become accustomed to a more flexible working environment.

And where continuity, not security, was the key driver, focus must now turn to properly protecting your data and securing users’ devices, while allowing full access to the applications they need.

Remove complexity and regain control

An expanding and remote IT estate offers much, but also brings with it an increased demand on IT resource. As more mobile devices are introduced, you can quickly lose visibility over the actions of your users, and over time, control of your important applications and data. Implementing individual point solutions to monitor your estate, enforce access protocols and secure data can bring some relief, but adopting more tools can get expensive and introduces further complexity.

Thanks to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security you can streamline the management of your growing IT estate, using a combination of familiar Microsoft products to manage every aspect, gaining true visibility over each and every device while ensuring the ongoing security of your users and the data they access.

Mobile device management made easy

Without the right tools, managing your expanding IT estate is exhausting. Left unchecked mobile devices especially can bring unwanted security risks and threaten your data. With Microsoft Intune, however, you’re in control. Policy-based access policies and security protocols are easily deployed from a single tool, with the flexibility to create additional policies for devices enrolment. You can even monitor device and application use for every user, no matter the device they’re using.

Manage the user experience

With your users working from multiple devices, they’re demanding easy access to applications and data. But without the right systems in place, making this happen across different devices is complicated, risky and opens the door to shadow IT. With Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory you can enable easy single sign-on for each user, deploy applications with a single click and implement complete identity management with policy-based access protocols, ensuring every user can access everything they need without compromising security. There’s even the freedom to include self-service management as required.

Don’t take a chance with your data

As your IT estate extends beyond corporate-owned devices, your data could end up outside your control, introducing risk and challenging security. Without complete visibility, even an honest mistake could see your data end up in the wrong hands. With Azure Information Protection, you take back control of your data, encrypting files and implementing specific access policies while tracking individual file usage. You also have the power to retrospectively eliminate any unauthorised copies of corporate data on any device, and limit access to emails and files to specific apps under your control.

Take your first step to securing the modern workplace

The modular approach of Microsoft EM+S means you can implement the solution in stages, with the freedom to choose between the components you need most. Whether you prioritise identity management and policy-based access, security of your data or manage the deployment of your applications, Microsoft EM+S delivers a comprehensive mobile device management platform composed of Intune, Azure Information Protection and Azure Active Directory.

If you’re confronting the challenges of managing an extended mobile device estate, or would like to learn more about securing the modern workplace, speak to one of our experts with a free virtual one-to-one deep dive.

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