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Druva is the global leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, delivering the industry’s first data management-as-a-service solution.

Legacy tools just don’t work

The modern dispersed organisation can no longer rely on legacy data protection tools to ensure all data is safeguarded.  New digital phenomena like cloud, mobile, and social means your data lives just about everywhere, from endpoint devices to your own physical and virtual infrastructure, and even public cloud services.  The solutions you’ve turned to previously just don’t work anymore.

Data Management-as-a-Service

Druva’s solution is the first direct-to-cloud solution to help safely and securely protect this new wave of data based on the reality of where it now exists. Accordingly, Druva can back up your data regardless of where it’s stored including countless endpoints and cloud applications like Office 365.  But protection is only part of the story. Unifying all your data into a single deduplicated dataset in the cloud means that Druva can offer other value-adding services like data governance, helping you meet even the strictest compliance obligations. Data-rich intelligence also alerts you to the risks your data could be facing, so you can proactively respond to threats like ransomware.

We promise data assurance

Getting to grips with how you manage and protect your data will be a vital step in your cloud journey.  Highlander helps you to unravel what data is important to your business, where it’s stored, and how to make sure it’s secure.  It’s a detailed approach that ensures you see the best possible outcomes.

More about our approach

In partnership with Druva, we can build a complete data protection solution that arrives at a simple cost-per-user, giving you confidence in the measures you have in place and a simple predictable cost to budget to. There’s no trying to retrofit solutions to existing technologies or worrying that there are gaps in your coverage – from day one, you’ll enjoy comprehensive protection and a solution that’s ready to scale as far as your data

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