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HPE has a long heritage in technology innovation that promotes business transformation.  More than ever before, their ideas and solutions are helping organisations across all sorts of industries use technology to shrink the time taken to turn ideas into value.

Working closely with HPE we’re helping our customers to do exactly that.  Using technologies that span infrastructureprotection, workspace, and cloud, we’re able to unlock new efficiencies, help your people become more productive, and discover new ways to achieve your business goals.

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We’re a HPE specialist

We’re proud to be a longstanding HPE partner, our partnership dating back many years to a history with the original HP.  Accordingly, we’re one of their highest accredited partners and therefore most experienced across their entire portfolio of products.  It’s a privileged position and ensures that we hear first about new innovations and quickly acquire working-knowledge about how our customers can benefit.  We’ve invested heavily in our in-house expertise and have a wealth of experience for you to call on for advicedesigndeployment, and support.  As such, we’re well-placed to lead our customers on their transformation journey and transition from traditional platforms to modern systems that will carry you into the future.

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Creating your Hybrid Cloud

Traditional IT environments no longer offer the speed or flexibility expected in the digital era.  We knit HPE solutions into the right mix of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructure to arrive at IT that is more efficient, more productive, and more secure.

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Set for mobile and IoT

In a mobile-first world, your network needs to work harder than ever.  Together with HPE, we build better wired and wireless networks that connect your Internet of Things, introduce powerful controls, and ready you for the intelligent edge.

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Protecting data and extracting value

Using HPE technologies we’ll enable you to store more and store smarter.  With data better organised, we’ll show you how to harness tools that create better information and derive value so you succeed in whatever you do.

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