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SonicWall has been preventing cybercrime for more than 25 years. It’s a track record that’s hard to ignore and why SonicWall is trusted to defend millions of networks worldwide – from small and medium-sized businesses to the world’s largest enterprises.

Real-time security response

Thanks to real-time breach detection and prevention solutions the product of their Capture Labs Threat Network, SonicWall obtains faster insight on threats and deploys formidable resources to repel every kind of assault.

SonicWall solutions knit together to form a comprehensive security platform.  Next-generation firewalls ensure all inbound and outbound network traffic is thoroughly inspected.  Remote authentication solutions enforce policy-based access to applications, data, and resources, so staff can work confidently from anywhere.  Email security provides superior protection from zero-day threats, spoofing, spam, phishing, and viruses.  Advanced Threat Protection ensures all-round protection for web applications wherever they live.  And finally, endpoint security delivers multiple endpoint defence capabilities including advanced malware protection and support for encrypted traffic.

We defend you from advanced threats

Highlander combines these technologies to create solutions for advanced threats like ransomware, and to protect wireless and mobile access, as well as managed security services and market-specific solutions for industries like finance and retail.  We have a long heritage with SonicWall and continually see their technology perform well for countless customers.  With security such a major risk for all organisations, past performance in protection success is something we always advocate when choosing technology.  Accordingly, we’ve worked hard to obtain leading certification and recognition in their solutions, so we’re primed to offer all the advicedesigndeployment, and support expertise you’ll need to properly secure your business.

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