Simple, resilient, efficient: GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition


Simple, resilient, efficient: GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition



As one of the most critical parts of your IT estate, determining how and where your underlying infrastructure is best deployed to meet the needs of your data, applications and your users plays a crucial role in your success.

While public cloud is the best fit in some instances, some workloads are best retained on-premises via a private cloud. For users, who continue to access data and applications from one accessible source, private cloud delivers a public cloud-like experience. But for IT teams, the need to deploy, manage and maintain the underlying datacentre hosting their private cloud sees it fail to deliver the commercial and operational benefits of public cloud.

Put simply, existing private cloud offerings often fail to alleviate the burden of deploying and managing infrastructures. But for those struggling with the cost and complexity of managing their infrastructure, help is on the horizon.

A new age of private cloud is here

At HPE Discover 2023, HPE revealed their newest answer to easing IT infrastructure management moans, HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition.

Although its long-winded title might not roll off the tongue, stick with us as the business benefits are well worth shouting about.

HPE describe Business Edition as: “a self-service, self-managed private cloud on demand wherever you need it with a unified interface to simplify VM to infrastructure management”. Let’s break that down into the core things you need to know about Business Edition:

  • Self-service, self-managed: For IT teams, they can enjoy the reassurance of knowing that data is still secured and retained on-premises, but with the simplicity of use, scalability and predictability of cost available from the public cloud.
  • Private cloud on demand: When new services are provisioned, and additional capacity required, hardware is built for rapid delivery, and installed and configured on-site by experts. Once installed, this can be launched and activated in minutes.
  • Wherever you need it: Businesses can deploy a secure private cloud, built on world-class and resilient HPE technology as needed in a few clicks. This includes the ability to provision across multiple sites, even those in different countries.
  • Unified interface: Your private cloud can be managed and operated from a single Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) management console that ensures a completely self-service experience, just as you would enjoy with a public cloud offering. Delivered through the Data Services Cloud Console, you can monitor your resources wherever they are, and deploy universal upgrades with just 1 click.
  • Simplifying VM to infrastructure management: Using the management console, you can manage the entire offering, from specific virtual machines to underlying infrastructure, to provision resources and scale on-demand as needed. Set up Virtual Machines (VM) wherever you need them and treat each application and workload with the individual attention/ set-up/ environment they need to perform at their best.

Simple, resilient, efficient

Business Edition is the future of consuming private cloud as a Service. IT teams can combine the reassurance of knowing that data is still secured and retained on-premises, with the genuine simplicity of use, scalability and predictability of cost delivered from a public cloud offering:

  • Simplicity: Within the Business Edition unified interface, you can manage, provision and monitor your VMs and data, regardless of whether they’re on premises, at the edge or on AWS. It’s one single point of truth across your infrastructure, making management so much simpler, unlocking savings on time and resource.
  • Resiliency: Whereas most public clouds promise five 9’s availability (99.999%), the world-class HPE technology that underpins Business Edition guarantees six 9’s. That extra 9 can make all the difference when you’re looking to ensure the ongoing availability of critical workloads.
  • Efficiency: By deploying your managed cloud via an as-a-Service offering, you remove the need to make big upfront investments in hardware, or foot the bill for any ongoing maintenance and management. As capacity is scaled in line with your needs, you also only pay for the resources you require, and avoid expensive overprovisioning.

In practice: scalability and cost savings

The true beauty of HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition is that it removes the challenges and burden of deploying a private cloud from your own infrastructure by delivering a complete solution through a single as-a-Service offering. Crucially, this also helps to alleviate the costs of buying and maintaining any hardware yourself, as the underlying infrastructure is delivered through the HPE GreenLake model.

Not only that, but by alleviating the need to buy, deploy, manage and maintain your own infrastructure, you can free up time, budget and resource to invest in other areas and value-adding projects. With the headaches of management and obstacles to transformation removed, your business can truly become agile and be ready to respond to new opportunities and changing landscapes quickly.

Is Business Edition right for you?

If you’re interested in seeing how this new solution works in practice, then get in touch. We can set you and your team up with a test drive of GreenLake, so you can truly put it through its paces and evaluate how it could help you.