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Transform your telephony with the cloud

Hosted Communications Services

Thanks to advances made possible by the cloud, it’s now feasible to do away with traditional communications infrastructure residing in your office and host all of this off-premise.  The beauty of hosted telephony and communications is you’re simply left with IP or softphones on the desks of your users and all calls are made and received over an internet connection.  Importantly, there are no costly upgrades to your PBX infrastructure and with ISDN lines set to be decommissioned soon, it’s a good time to be looking at alternative solutions.

Why choose cloud for communications?

A cloud-based hosted telephony solution includes everything that you would ordinarily receive from a traditional PBX system, and much more besides. “Always-on”, it is far more resilient, reliable, and ultimately more economical than PBX, providing value-adding features such as auto attendant, hot-desking, and call recording. But the benefits don’t stop there – because the solution is hosted in the cloud, this means greater flexibility and scalability for your business, so as your users increase as you grow, or even your number of sites, changes can be made without costly infrastructure upgrade. Likewise, if you were to experience an unexpected disaster that impacted connectivity, your services could be quickly migrated to a different site and up and running again in no time and with minimal fuss. What’s more, being cloud-based, the management of your entire solution can be done via a single control panel.

Hosted by Highlander

Our goal is to ensure you get the best possible telephony available. We orchestrate and manage all the connectivity, leased lines, and any internal networking that may be required for a successful solution, working wherever possible with whatever investments you may already have made.  We’ll also take care of the more intimate details, like the migration of phone numbers to the new system and will even supply an administration console that provides you with the tools to easily self-manage all sorts of different tasks in the future. You’ll also receive full 24/7 support so you can be assured that someone is on-hand to help at all times.

We make the cool stuff happen

Importantly, cloud-based telephony makes integration with other platforms easy. We can synchronise your handset with Skype for Business to enable presence status, or Click to Dial functionality that integrates directly with your CRM system. We’re also able to introduce a softphone client that sits on your laptop and eliminates the need for a desk phone entirely, and a mobile app that allows users to access the company network via their personal devices, all to help reduce your device footprint and improve user experience.

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