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Construct a cloud that’s right for you

The cloud is not an exact science. We’d love to say there was a cookie-cutter version that works for everyone, but the truth is that every cloud should be as unique as you are. That’s what we try to achieve using Microsoft Azure.

For us, moving applications and workloads to the cloud makes perfect sense. The benefits of using the cloud are numerous; not least the scalability, predictability, and flexibility advantages, but also the fact that it’s constantly improving too. Critically, though, it’s important from the outset to understand exactly what’s fit for the cloud.

Prepare for your migration

No more grey skies with Azure

We work closely with you to construct a cloud that’s purpose-built for your business. Using intelligent tools, we analyse your existing environment to assess where your data is stored, how applications and workloads are being utilised, and which areas are the most, or least, secure. We then use this valuable information to map how your infrastructure might run in Azure, gaining a full understanding of what could be moved to the cloud, as well as what can’t.

We’ve also always got an eye on the commercial benefits that moving to the cloud could bring. We can even present you with an accurate representation of what gains could be made using Microsoft Azure in terms of time and money saved, as well as the functional advantages that will be realised.

Consume only the cloud you need

We don’t think it’s right that you pay for cloud services you don’t need. Like with everything we do, we keep your consumption of the cloud uncomplicated. That’s why we make it really easy to gain all the resource you need, when you need it, and pay for nothing more than you require.

Naturally, there’s much more capacity to burst into should things change, allowing you to comfortably scale-up to tackle spikes in demand and scale-down thereafter. Our bespoke billing engine tracks up-to-the-minute usage and consolidates spend to a single invoice – no fuss.

Our capabilities in cloud construction are by no means solely limited to Azure either; we can also create your ideal cloud using solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Regardless of the provider, we’ll do everything from the design of your cloud to the actual deployment, and then provide all the support you need once live.

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