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Office 365 is helping to change the way businesses work for the better.  There’s a bit of confusion surrounding what it’s all about though.  Common misconceptions, like the assumption that it’s classic Office products simply delivered from the cloud or it’s just a platform for business email, represent only a fraction of what’s available.  We’re focused on making sure our customers don’t overlook the opportunities Office 365 promises or miss out on the full benefit of what it can do once you take the leap.

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Migration needn’t be as complicated as you think

We’re able to sell and deploy the full suite of O365 applications and advise you how to maximise your investment in the technology, providing expert guidance for everything from OneNote to Microsoft Teams. But our involvement doesn’t end there – we can actively reconstruct your existing on-premise licensing model as a service, reflecting how you’ve traditionally used the Office applications, but with freedom to grow into new capabilities. This ensures you gain the commercial advantages of as-a-Service pricing and all the value of exclusive Office 365 innovations.

Support for your Office 365 solution

With hundreds of Office 365 migrations under our belt, you can be sure your migration is in safe hands.   We’re primed to provide you with as much or as little support as you need, whether you’re looking to outsource us to manage your Office 365 environment, would simply like to call on us from time-to-time to consult on specific one-off projects, or for advice as you grow into the service.  Regardless, we’re here to ensure you’re getting the most out of Office 365 whatever your requirement.

For some, security concerns also go hand-in-glove with using cloud services like Office 365.  Beyond the security measures inherent in the service, we can also help deploy other complementary solutions that offer further protection and enhance the experience.

Improve your Office 365 experience

We’ve built a brand-new portal to allow you to control your billing and licensing, making your Office 365 experience a whole load easier. The beauty of the billing engine included is that it takes all the Microsoft cloud services you consume and puts them onto a single invoice that you will receive once a month. That’s one invoice for everything. It also doesn’t need credit cards to work, allowing instead the flexibility of standard 30-day payment terms.  Likewise, managing licensing becomes a far simpler task too. Using it, you can add or subtract users on demand and administer their privileges in minutes, meaning there is no longer a need to rely on the more complex Office 365 admin console.

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