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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, often gets a bad rap. And rightfully so; history is littered with horror stories of people trying to implement early generations of ERP solutions and encountering spiralling cost and complexity. That’s why we were delighted to discover NetSuite when we needed to take steps to better manage the processes and detail behind our own business.  We loved the potential of a cloud-based ERP so much we decided to become a partner and inspire our customers to take the same steps.

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As your business grows there’s a good chance you’ll need to extend beyond the limitations of a strictly accounting-based software application to help manage your business.  Rather than buying into disconnected software for time management, inventory, and financials for example, NetSuite offers a means of consolidating every core function that governs your business into one tool.  Clever automation speeds up tasks and removes mistakes, while centralising systems means you can also extract new insight into business performance.

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ERP that's not a monster

Unlike some other ERP tools, NetSuite is modular, meaning you can pick and pay for the bits you want to use.  As you grow or needs change, every component of the platform can simply be switched on and then configured to your preferences. Being delivered from the NetSuite cloud, there’s no wrestling with unwieldy on-premise applications, and everything you need is securely available on any device from anywhere in the world.

Best of all we can make NetSuite do almost anything you need it to.  With minimal configuration, we can fast-track simple deployments in just a few weeks that will closely match the way you do business, all without bending how you work to the software you’ve bought.

It dramatically simplifies the deployment, user-experience, and cost involved in building and using an ERP solution.

We practice what we preach

Not only have we implanted NetSuite within our own business, we’ve become an accredited NetSuite ERP partner.  It recognises our skills and capability to help you achieve extraordinary things with powerful software at your fingertips.  We’re ready to guide your thinkingdesign what you need, deploy your solution, and then support your business.

Avoid disconnected systems

It’s not uncommon for businesses to run separate sales, purchase, and finance systems.  The net effect is poor visibility of financial health until accounts personnel have merged data into a single report.  By the time this has occurred it’s often too late to change your fortunes.  Using NetSuite we can consolidate these systems into a single dashboard that provides an up-to-the-minute view of your true financial position whenever you need it.

Accurately track contract or recurring revenues

Accounting for recurring or contract revenues and the costs that surround them can make it hard to accurately understand profitability and trace income.  We can help you easily amortise revenues, pinpoint profit margins, and even auto-renew contracts to make the task of managing this part of your business a breeze.

Fire-up your Sales and Marketing

Using disparate systems often leads to an incomplete view of your customer, the individuals who you’re working with, and your trading history.  Using a single system means you’ll be better equipped to communicate and engage with customers, talk to them about the right things, and then track what happens when they engage with you.  You’ll build a clear picture of your pipeline and where the opportunities have emerged from.

Better manage projects

Tracking the financial and operational tasks surrounding projects you are running can be a real headache.  Everything from time and materials management to staff expenses creates several data streams that contribute to a project remaining on track and its commercial viability.  We can create a comprehensive projects engine that enables you to consolidate all things project-related into a series of workflows and reports that help you better manage every project you’re involved in.

Connect with partners

NetSuite is built on open APIs which means it’s really easy to connect your systems with the tools your suppliers and partners are using. All of a sudden it’s possible to receive data feeds from suppliers on inventory or real-time pricing, and tasks can also be automated to remove unnecessary human intervention.  It makes for more efficient operations and valuable savings in time and money.

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Direct and uncomplicated

We don’t do complicated and that shapes our attitude to everything. It’s something that has stood us in good stead with organisations who want to spend less time worrying about their IT and more time focused on the core of what their business does.

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