Converged Infrastructure

Fast-track to a modern, simple-to-run infrastructure

Converged infrastructure offers a pathway to dramatically simplify the disparate components that make up your IT.

Replace or repurpose your tech

Serversdata storage, virtualisation, network functions, management, and applications can all be unified into a single infrastructure that is easier to operate. Converged infrastructure doesn’t have to mean replacing your existing investments in technology, as using clever software, a layer of intelligence can be added to your existing environment to achieve the same ends.

Hyperconverged modular growth

Similarly, hyperconverged infrastructure collapses all the components into a modular appliance that can be added to and scaled.  It’s a simple but elegant way to get everything you need on day one and then grow in line with the needs and ambitions of your business.

Transform and modernise faster

For many organisations, converged infrastructure enables what might otherwise be complex transformation to occur in a fraction of the time compared to integrating individual components together.  It’s a faster route to a modern datacentre and introduces exciting innovation that automates processes and can even break out into public cloud services to achieve a true hybrid cloud approach to running your IT.

Real-world experience

Through our extensive partner network, we can help you explore all the advantages of implementing a converged or hyperconverged infrastructure, potentially taking steps to trial it in support of individual applications you may be looking to roll-out.   It’s a new approach to managing your infrastructure but promises welcomed commercials.  We’ll stack up the economics of converged infrastructure versus a more traditional approach, so you can make an informed decision. It’s advice and guidance that’s the fruit of real-world experience, which we bring to all of our discussions.

If you embark on a solution, we’ll be with you every step of the way to designdeploy, and then support your new infrastructure.


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