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Business Continuity Planning

To mitigate the risks your business faces, it’s important to have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).  This is a mix of processes and procedures you’ll follow, and technology and services that will help you respond in the event of disruption, or even something more catastrophic.

Your disaster recovery response

The plan should align with your strategic and operational objectives and consider proactive as well as reactive measures for dealing with a variety of scenarios.  Highlander can play as big or small a role in your BCP as you choose.  We’re well-versed in assisting all kinds of businesses with the task of uncomplicating your plans.  From a single partner, you’ll get all the advice and tech that could avert disruption in the first instance and then enhance your response to incur as little downtime as possible, or even help you survive a more serious disaster later down the line.

Through experience of anticipating past real-world events with our customers, we know what goes into a robust BCP.  We’ll weigh up every eventuality, from contemplating how much time you can tolerate without access to key data or systems, to where staff will work and how they will be enabled, through to assigned roles and responsibilities should you invoke your plan.  Using sophisticated tools, we can even model lost man hours and revenue damages to justify any necessary investment

Orchestrate a coherent solution

Together we’ll examine how your data is backed up and how frequently, and what the recovery time would be should the unthinkable occur. Inevitably, effective planning bridges a mixture of other technologies including serverstoragesecurity, and increasingly cloud.

We can undertake simple fixes that shrink backup windows or orchestrate all these elements into a coherent solution that offers sound commercial value and is tested on a regular basis, so you’re always prepared.  And through round-the-clock system monitoring we can avoid many potential issues in the first place to give you further peace of mind.

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A network of trusted partners

When it comes to business continuity, nothing but world-class technologies will do. We’ve carefully selected a line-up of vendors fit for large and small businesses alike, who we’re happy to stand behind when scoping your solution. We’re proud to hold leading accreditations with many of them, recognising our skill and knowledge working with their products.

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