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IT systems maintenance

Unfortunately, computers aren’t infallible.  There’s always a chance that the computer hardware you use might go wrong and when it does, even small issues can be a painful experience for your users and your business.  Problems surface quickly and when they arise, you want to be sure that you’ve got fast, responsive cover in place to get you through.  That’s why Highlander offers a host of IT systems maintenance services ready to cover every item of hardware you have in use, from laptops to monitors, servers to switches.

Crisis response

When you’re in the middle of what feels like a crisis you really want to know there are people and processes that genuinely work for you and not against you. We understand that and have built pragmatic, common sense services and created an approach to supporting you that gives you just what you need.  Our friendly, capable team are ready to help around-the-clock, which means one phone call can immediately have someone on the case and working on a fix.  We have a UK-wide network of field engineers and parts repositories, so response times are kept to an absolute minimum.  And in the unlikely event that your hardware can’t be repaired, there are also options for like-for-like replacement.

Technical and commercial excellence

Highlander maintenance services therefore offer invaluable peace of mind that your technology will be kept operational and often at a fraction of the cost compared to branded services from the manufacturer.  They can also play an important role in extending the working lives of all kinds of technology that otherwise might result in costly replacement.

Avoid the paper shuffle

Our sensible commercial approach extends to the management of the maintenance services you have in place too.  We further uncomplicate what can become a lengthy paper trail of administration across multiple providers by helping you consolidate all services into one easier to manage, better value arrangement.  We can even take over the administration of the warranties associated with both your hardware and software, so you know exactly what’s covered and until when, putting measures in place to extend warranties or offer out-of-warranty cover where needed.

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