Managed Services

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Managed Business IT Services

Using a managed IT service can be a liberating experience.  For smaller companies, it’s the chance to enlist experts to take ownership over your IT and ensure it works the way you want, for larger organisations there’s scope to unburden internal teams from particularly specialist or time-consuming tasks so personnel can play to their strengths.

Highlander offers a comprehensive range of pre-scoped managed IT services ready to handle almost every eventuality.  And where we don’t have a service that matches exactly what you need, we simply customise a solution to fit.  Either way, the objective is to arrive at a service that delivers the outcomes you’re looking for, follows agreed SLAs, and makes good commercial sense.  Our services cover:

  • Backup
  • Connectivity
  • Custom Projects
  • Helpdesk
  • Installations
  • Print
  • Relocations
  • Security
  • Support
  • Telecoms

We don’t cut corners

A good managed service will do what it promises to.  A great managed service will surpass these expectations, and that’s what we always strive for.  Crucial to this is getting to know the workings of your business, your people, your culture, and attitude to technology.  We therefore do our very best to work how you do, hopefully so we never feel like the ‘outsourcer’ and earn the right to be considered as part of your team.  Whether you’re moving some or all of your IT to us as a managed service, we follow the same rigorous processes, onboarding you with care and consideration and seeing no corners are cut.

Flexible, scalable managed services

We’re mindful never to over-engineer our solutions and want you to be happy and informed at every stage.  We believe our friendly, plain-speaking approach helps with this and provides sought-after reassurance. While there’s no avoiding the formality of a contract, we lead with common sense and take a pragmatic attitude to all that we do.  As such, our services are built to be flexible, so they can change quickly and scale in-step with your business.

People and Technology

The perfect balance between excellent people who know how to help and what to do, and extraordinary technology that introduces automation, informs our decision-making, and keeps us ahead of the problems.  It’s our ‘secret sauce’ that makes all this possible.

Case Studies

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