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As your desire to use increasingly sophisticated technology grows, so does the need to have professional business IT support backing you up.  Technology has a powerful role in value creation – whether that’s helping your people do more, accelerating processes, or unlocking undiscovered intelligence. But sometimes IT goes wrong.  Usually in a small way, but sometimes with more far-reaching impacts.  Therefore, how you can respond in this moment is critical.

Highlander has been providing managed IT support services to our customers since the very beginnings of our business. Over 25 years we’ve learnt what’s important when it comes to delivering uncomplicated IT support you can depend on.

People who can genuinely help

When a problem arises, you’ll speak to a friendly, knowledgeable member of the team who can start to help from the first moment.  There’s no call logging or message taking, but someone to genuinely get stuck into your issue. We have three lines of support, each one more knowledgeable than the last, to progress any potential issue, ending in experts on-site if required.  We’re very proud that 95% of all calls are dealt with at our first-line of support.

Get ahead of the problems

We use smart technologies to monitor all your systems.  It means we know exactly what’s going on and can predict and remedy potential issues before you even know you’ve got a problem.

Keep people informed

There’s nothing worse than knowing you’ve got an issue, but not knowing what’s being done about it.  That’s why we’ll constantly keep you abreast of what steps we’re taking to help and what, if anything, we need you to do.  In our experience, keeping people informed is a key factor in gaining trust and providing reassurance.

Guaranteed response times

In the event of an issue you need to know when you’re going to get a response.  We offer a sub-60-minute response time for all our IT support customers, so there’s little, if any, waiting around for someone to help.

Commercials that work for you

Our services are built to be flexible and affordable – to suit every budget and requirement.   As your business changes, your IT support will be ready to change with you – you won’t be locked into something no longer fit for your need.  And if you think you need something out of the ordinary, just ask.  The chances are we’ve already seen or done it before.

We’re ready to offer as much or as little IT support as you need.  If you’re starting from scratch, we offer valuable reassurance while you focus on running your business.  Alternatively, if you already have your own IT team we can unburden them of day-to-day distractions, so they can focus on more valuable projects.

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