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The good news is your people want to do more work – not just as individuals but as teams. It’s no surprise that people get more stuff done when they work together. Technology has a huge role to play in this and your people will go to great lengths to improvise if you’re not taking the initiative to identify what suits your workplace best. Your people expect to be able to freely connect, share, and most important of all, collaborate with co-workers in a digital space that transcends your bricks and mortar and is available wherever they are on whatever device they have. It means embracing social technologies your people are already familiar with, capturing the opportunities of video and offering tools that make people more productive. The question is, how do you enable this experience inside and outside of work so it feels personal, gets the best out of your people, and satisfies their appetite for value-adding tech? That’s where we come in.

Seamless, smart, sophisticated solutions

We invest a lot of time into getting to know your people and your business. That way we can accurately assess exactly what solution will fit in with your team’s style; it should be made to suit you, not the other way around. Calling upon our extensive know-how, we advise which smart, sophisticated technologies will readily integrate with your existing infrastructure before designing and deploying the ideal solution. We’ll even support this thereafter. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding means we can pair you with just about anything – the sky is quite literally the limit – all while ensuring you benefit from relevant tools that match the pace of both your business and your people, enhance your creativity, and make collaboration seamless.

We make collaboration cool

Our skilled solutions architects can transform your workspace into a collaborative hub, able to deploy everything from web and video conferencing to interactive smart boards to instant messaging services. We help empower your team and enrich their experience thanks to intuitive solutions that enable them to work on and share documents in real-time across different devices, regardless of where they are. This means they can stay productive on-the-go while always keeping connected with the resources and people that matter. High-definition video calls and crisp audio make collaborating with customers and partners more enjoyable too, allowing you to conduct truly lifelike face-to-face meetings and calls anywhere, at any time.

Connectivity and telephony

Of course, a large part of day-to-day collaboration relies heavily on telephony. We implement all of the necessary connectivity, from lease lines to broadband, to provide a telephony solution that’s right for you, offering both hosted IP and traditional PBX systems. We can open up access to all sorts of exciting features, such as conference calling, call recording, auto-attendance, and unified messaging, that allow you to optimise your chosen telephony system’s capabilities and maximise your investment in the technology.

Hosted Communications

Cutting the cost to collaborate

We’ve also always got one eye on the commercial side of things, so do what we can to ensure you’re reducing costs wherever possible, whether that’s by decreasing the need for travel by creating virtual meeting rooms, or by making huge savings in data storage through collaborative suites such as Office 365 which avoid document duplication.

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