Print is powerful

Office Print Solutions

You’re not alone if print sometimes feels like a necessary evil. You think you want to go paperless, but you just can’t do without it. When you do need to print it’s unreliable, poor quality, or your team just spends too much of their valuable time waiting for something to happen at the printer. It’s because print is often an office afterthought. Don’t underestimate it. There’s power in print.

Printers are no longer just for print. They’ve evolved into much more sophisticated, multifunctional devices that are capable of exciting, potentially business-altering things. Our valued partnerships with leading print experts – Brother, Epson, HP, Ricoh, and more – enable us to tap into this world of possibility and create a print estate that both complements your team’s working style and enhances their workflow. We’re on-hand to offer all the advicedesigndeployment, and support expertise you’ll need to get more out of print.

Managed Print Services

Print doesn’t need to be a pain. Our Managed Print Services (MPS) take away the burden of management and maintenance and ensure print just works, so you’re left free to focus on what matters most to your business. We take the time to assess your print environment and propose strategies for consolidating or refreshing your printer fleet, helping you to realise substantial cost and time savings. We’ll also take care of all the consumables you need; by monitoring your devices and setting up alerts, we know when consumables are low, so automatically ship out replacements without you even needing to ask.

Think smart, print smart

As smart technology continues to play a vital role in our personal and professional lives print needs to keep up. We help you introduce intelligent functionality to print that gives your people more flexibility, allowing them to feel the benefits of mobile printing from any device, increased automation, and reduced paper wastage thanks to location-dependent roaming services.

Make print versatile, not vulnerable

While modern printers should make print accessible and easy, this shouldn’t be taken for granted. Printers are notoriously vulnerable to cyberattacks, due to the reams of sensitive and confidential information they can hold at any one time. At Highlander, security is something we take very seriously. Working alongside our ecosystem of partners, we offer everything from two-factor authentication to facial recognition and fingerprint scanning technology, ensuring that your printers are protected from the moment they are deployed and never become a weak link. Our dedication to keeping your critical data safe means we will do whatever we can to see your printers are made secure, and stay that way.

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